Mobile Texting



Enroll in Commerce Bank Mobile Texting on NetTeller Online Banking and text phrases to Commerce Bank for your account balance and transaction history to be received via SMS text.  


How to Enroll

Log in to NetTeller as normal. Click on the “Options” tab. Click on the “Mobile Settings” subtab. Click on the “Text Mobile Settings” subtab. Check the box “Enable text access for your mobile device” and the box “Accept Commerce Bank Text Banking Terms & Conditions”, input your mobile phone number and carrier and select which accounts you want to receive information on via texting. Additionally, fill in the “Mobile Short Name” for each of the accounts. Click “Submit”. When the page loads, click “Confirm”. Once you do so, you will get a text message indicating that you must text a reply of YES to activate the service. Do so and you will be enrolled.  


Texting Commands 

The following are the Text Commands for Commerce Bank Mobile Texting:

The number to text to is 89549.

Bal = Balance

Hist = History

Help = Commands

Stop = Cancel

For example, if I want to find out the balance of the Checking Account named “Checking” (as named during set up), text “Bal Checking” to 89549. If you want the balance of all enrolled accounts, just text “Bal” to 89549.  


Questions? Still Need Help?

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